6th July 2015

The main spring store cattle sales are now passed with shorter entries at many livestock markets as many yarded cattle now turned out for the summer and silaging take preference over cattle selling. 

The spring of 2015 has seen a similar picture to the previous year with the number of store cattle and weaned calves coming forward about the same as the year before.  The store cattle trade this spring has been remarkably good and on a par to the sales this time last year, the big difference is again the price of the end product on a constantly dropping spiral. 

The strong Continental steers have seen many of the better shaped sorts trading between £1180 - £1300 (200 – 220p/kg) and the strong dairy bred Continental steers £1100 - £1200 (185 – 210p/kg). The younger Continental steers have continued to trade at very high levels between £900 - £1000 (200 – 240p/kg). The better shaped stronger Continental heifers trade regularly between £1000 - £1150 (180 – 210p/kg) with the farming types £750 - £900 (175 – 200p/kg)

The native breeds continue to sell well with more supermarkets wanting to sell native breeds, this has resulted in the stronger sorts trading at similar levels to the best Continental’s. 

The Friesian steers have traded all spring at good levels with the stronger stores now trading between £800 - £1000 (150 – 170p/kg) and the medium farming types £600 - £700 (140 – 160p/kg).

At present selling finished cattle either live or deadweight having purchased them as stores this spring leaves the margins so tight and the figures may only just stack up due to the lower feed costs. The store cattle trade at present still looks too strong for the short term cattle unless we have an improved finish price to help all people in the chain.  We hope for a sustained economic recovery so the consumer has a bit more money to spend on a quality British product. 

Chris Voyce – Voyce Pullin Markets Ltd – Cirencester Market