The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

LAA welcomes Tesco statement on bringing food closer to home

6th March 2013

The Livestock Auctioneers Association has welcomed a pledge by Tesco to bring food closer to home by making sourcing simpler, shorter and more transparent, and to build closer relationships with UK farmers.

Chris Dodds, Executive Secretary of the LAA, said the move was a step in the right direction to revive consumer confidence in the food chain following the discovery of horsemeat in some supermarket products.

"One of problems behind this latest crisis for the food industry was the length and complexity of the supply chain and the resultant lack of transparency. The LAA welcomes this response by Tesco. It is common sense to shorten the journey from the farm to the consumer, and to make each stage transparent.

"We also welcome Tesco’s commitment to support the UK farmer, and it is right that their high quality produce is made available to the UK consumer," he said.

Mr Dodds said the LAA was ready to work with Tesco and other retailers in the food industry to ensure that traceability worked well for both producers and consumers.

"If retailers and their abattoir suppliers want quality, traceability and a short journey to the consumer, they need only to look at the livestock markets. Buying animals at auction means the buyer can see what they are getting and know where it is coming from. In turn they are then able to assure consumers that the products they are selling are genuine and of top quality.

"The auction system is tried and tested, and strongly rooted in the farming traditions of this country. It is transparent and provides a fair deal for both farmers and consumers. We will be pleased to work with others in the industry to help restore consumer confidence in the UK meat industry," he said.