The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

Trade Talk - York Auction Centre - Archie Stephenson, BA (Hons)

6th June 2022

At our primestock sale on Monday 30th May, we had 249 cattle and 331 sheep forward. Whilst prime cattle aren’t quite at the dizzy heights we saw back in April, demand for smart heifers is consistently strong, with an average of £2.66/kg topping at £3.19/kg, best grossing heifer at £1939, partly down to medium wholesale buyers keen to purchase this sort for their butchers.

Similar story with steers averaging over £2.50/kg, topping at £3.03/kg, best grossing steer coming to £2012. There is always strong demand for large well fleshed bulls in the market with the weights and age not being a problem for the buyers. Young Bulls are a decent trade with a high of £3.08/kg, with seven bulls achieving over £2000, the overall average being £2.29/kg. A very respectable average considering over 30 of the 139 bulls forwards were black and whites, which we have a good range of buyers for with the best quality Friesian types to £2.28/kg in previous weeks! Cull cows continue to fly and are heading towards the stratosphere, with well fleshed Limousin cows being over to £2.36/kg grossing £1747.41 and earlier in the month a heavier cow grossed £2093!

We are yet to see the full implications of the price of feed in fat and store markets, but we suspect leaner cattle may be entering the market in future.

A similar story in the sheep section with the best spring lambs and well meated hoggs sought after, especially around the 40kg mark. The best hoggs are up to £3.14/kg, topping at £139, overweight and leaner hoggs harder to place but overall, up on the week. Spring Lambs topped out at £3.58/kg with the best grossing £176. Ewes remain a strong, with an average price per head of £121.