The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

Trade Talk - Glyn Lucas – Dairy Sales Manager, Harrison & Hetherington

14th April 2022

Dawn of a New Era

The obsession to milk more and more cows has preoccupied most milk producers now for the past few decades, but this fixation is finally coming to an end. Market volatility, improving productivity, welfare, automating systems, environment, improving work life balance and attracting staff and retaining a happy and effective team, are just some of the hot topics effecting the evolution of the dairy industry and agriculture in the dawn of this new era.

Milk production in March dropped by almost 4% and globally milk production continues to decline.  For a large number of milk producers the improvement in milk prices of between 4.0 -6.0ppl will have helped compensate for the significant pressure on cash flow.    

Our April dairy sales kicked off at Borderway with just over 200 freshly calved cows and heifers on offer with cows averaging over £2000 and 147 heifers averaged £1939 with a top price of £2850.  This first Wednesday of the month sale regularly has over 300 cattle selling and attracts a diverse offering with many breeds included from an ever-growing geographical area.

The March Border & Lakeland Pedigree sale was somewhat subdued with the average down on the month to average just over £1800 with a top of 3,000gns for a special Roxy heifer from the Berryholme herd.  This sale remains the number 1 place in the UK for milk producers to select quality milking animals.             

We continue to improve our complete sale service at Borderway; we are installing a new DeLaval MidiLine milking parlour to be completed in August.  Our sales service includes a professional on farm valuation, pre-sale preparation, excellent overnight livestock accommodation and the latest online sales technology.  Our Pedigree Sales & Marketing team headed by Louise Forrest and Anna McGregor has been strengthened recently with the addition of Emma Wilson from the Evening Holstein herd and we will soon be advertising for an additional dairy auctioneer with the future of the business in mind.                 

Thanks for milking!