The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

Trade Talk - Charlie Coleman, Auctioneer/Fieldsman, Symonds & Sampson LLP, Frome Market

19th November 2021

Here at Frome market TB is a huge part of our business, with monthly sales of barren cows, store and fat cattle and private sales forming a substantial part of our throughput.

At the time of writing, we are preparing for our first dedicated TB Restricted Orange calf and stirk market, being the first one in the south, which is a move to allow farms the opportunity to market their stock at any age.

With the introduction of six-monthly TB testing it is felt that this will lead to farms being under restrictions for longer periods of time. Another reason for a move to TB calf markets is to allow farms calving all year with smaller numbers the opportunity to market their calves to a better value, with current Isolation Unit number restrictions not allowing this as they are limited by minimum numbers from a single holding, with 50 being the most common.

We have seen trade at our TB sales fly in-line with our weekly Green markets, allowing farmers to still be able to benefit from the exceptional trade we have witnessed in the past 18 months, with very little to no effect on price of cattle to as young as 12 months.

We have seen excellent numbers of barren cows, cull bulls and fat cattle here at Frome this year, with customers new and old returning to make use of a year where the live market has really moved up a gear, seeing weekly entries of over 100 barren cows, 70-100 fat cattle and 5-10 cull bulls benefit from a ring full of diverse buyers, generating a trade which would not be able to be matched in any other outlet apart from the live ring. With Christmas now approaching now is the time to sell live and thrive!