The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

Trade Talk - Chris Voyce – Voyce Pullin Markets Ltd - Cirencester Market

8th November 2021

The Autumn store cattle sales are now in full flow following on from a busy breeding sheep season. The trade of the last 12 months has seen the dearest prices on record with the best beef cattle returning around £1800 and above. The stronger store cattle trading with us at Cirencester this week to over £1500 & the better beef barren cows £1300 - £1400.  

The replacement shearling ewes saw a lift this year as well trading between £180 - £200 and the finish lamb prices has held well recently between 230 – 250p/kg. Cull ewes again regularly £120 - £140.

This all sounds very good but are any of us better off.

A finished beast coming back at £1800 is very good up some £200 on last year but if purchased as a store also cost at least £200 more than last year. Feed barley & wheat costs are high at around £200 a ton. Fertiliser having seen a huge jump in price, Fuel reported this week to be at record high and the cost of new or second-hand equipment or spare parts (if you can wait up to 6 months) are also sky high. The profit at the end if probably smaller than before but with a much larger financial outlay.

Farming is not an instance commodity it takes time to grow crops, calf cows, fatten cattle and our fear is with new trade deals being done with all corners of the globe and possibilities of cheaper products coming here if our prices drop substantially next year with the larger expenditure will some survive.