The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

Trade Talk - Peter Huntley, Auctioneer & Manager, Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions Ltd

16th August 2021

Operating Cutcombe and Blackmoor Gate markets on the uplands of Exmoor, we are gearing up for the Autumn flush of breeding and store stock, with our main sales starting at the end of this month and into September.

Being one of the few uplands areas in the South West, we, in common with much of the North of the country, run the majority of our big sales through the Autumn period and are looking forward to what at the moment, looks an exciting trade for both cattle and sheep.

I hope this trade continues through the Autumn for our vendors who have yet to sell much of their annual crops but also for the purchasers who need this level of trade to be maintained to see a margin on their sales.

It is vital that everybody through the production line sees the benefit of the much-improved price after what has been a most challenging 18 months.

We have just had our August suckled calf and store cattle sale, being principally Autumn born calves with numbers forward similar to 2020 and quality of cattle in the pens looking very good.

The trade we have had shows the confidence in the industry at the current time with 11 month steers selling to £1230.00 and heifers to £1125.00. This continued in to the store section with the top heifer of the day at £1410.00 and the top steers being pure Devons at £1400.00.

As we get into the Autumn we will see increased numbers of stock, both sheep and cattle, with regular consignments of Exmoor bred stock sold to advantage in the area of their birth.

It is in most cases advisable that producers try to stick to their annual patterns of selling as it suits their farming system and the hill farming environment, perhaps sometimes easier to manage this annual plan with sheep than cattle.