The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

Trade Talk - Stephen Dodsworth, Fieldsperson, DFAM

2nd August 2021

Having been on annual leave last week I have returned to see the cattle mart at its brilliant best; a fairy-tale beef trade here in Darlington, I can honestly say that as I write this (22.07.21) the cattle trade is up there with the best I have ever witnessed.

Not wishing to be outdone by the bovines, the sheep prices continue to fly high too, generally speaking the live markets are thriving up and down the land, but why?

The LAA and every mart in the land has worked incredibly hard during this pandemic, staying open was number one priority, by doing so the Marts have ensured premiums for all classes of stock, most importantly avoiding another FMD scenario where the competition was taken off the table, we should all be grateful for the way the livestock mart wheels have kept turning.

Commission, the best word in our industry, feared by some, chastised by others, avoided like the plague in cases, however….by charging a commission on a percentage basis we (the Mart) have one primary focus, to get as much for the farmer as possible, the more the farmer makes the more the Mart makes.

Does any other outlet benefit by the farmer making more? No. Most of the on the hook highwaymen will bid you as little as they think you will take, whereas the auction mart, we will take bids for as much as we think we can get, think about it.

More market share for the butchers and farm shops as the lockdowns rolled on has also aided the mart; putting more business the way of our faithful buyers, with people eating and shopping locally the independent wholesalers who shop here every week are to both thank and commend for the way they have tirelessly fed the nation.