The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

Trade Talk, Alastair J Brown FdSc FLAA, Senior Auctioneer, Bletsoes

25th June 2021

Farming still in a positive position


Liveweight sheep prices are still on a high compared to the last two years or probably more, with a strong demand in the pens of all markets around the country, showing the variable quality highlighted by the SQQ’s.


Our prices have been £25 to £40 better at present than last year. Restrictions on travel and good weather also have had a positive effect on trade. Prices look likely to stay reasonably good, looking into the future but it is not easy to predict, with pandemics and boats stuck in the Suez Canal, what’s around the corner?


The Qurbani festival this year is being held around the 20th July, which should see more demand for sheep (of a minimum age of 1year old), cattle (of 2 years plus) and camels of 5years.


This week at Thrapston, we held a sale of Untested Finished cattle. These sales can be held without the costs, stress and worry of having to pre-movement test, with several options where they can be sold. Selling live enables buyers to pick what they want which often creates a much better price. The cattle presented were also non-farm assured. Doing some calculations for those doubting Thomas’s in the world, the vendor would have had at least £50 more in their pocket (10cattle x £50 = £500) on DW price, not including the TB test.


If you are feeling a little down, because now the weather is too hot and the land is too dry, how about putting the TV on and watching Jeremy Clarkson not driving around in fast cars, but farming. Truly hilarious in places, it shows the world, the ups and mainly downs about farming and the issues that go with it. Basically, telling the viewers what we are all thinking and how challenging farming can be. Let’s hope the politicians see it too.