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Trade Talk - Ted Ogden, CCM Auctions, Skipton

1st June 2021

Spring it seems, has decided to give us a miss this year in our part of North Yorkshire. A shortage of grass and cold nights late April, early May dampened the mid-season demand for sheep and lamb couples, but from mid-May onwards a warmer, wetter climate produced some eatage and the trade got moving.

As a result, shearlings and ewes can hit £300 for good Continentals with twins, £200/£230 for singles. Continental and Suffolk hoggs with singles generally £220/£250 for nice sorts, best end around £300, commercial types £190/£210.

Mule hoggs with lambs are a nice trade this last few weeks at £190/£230 an outfit with singles, with a large Bank Holiday Monday sale on the cards at Skipton for those still requiring stock.

Early season spring lamb trade is flying, although numbers are seeing about a 2-week lag on last year. The average price this week in Skipton was 355p/kg, £143 per head, a whopping £37 up on the year.

Best quality lambs on the day being ¾ Texel or Beltex crosses and topping at 512p/kg and another pen at 500p. Beltex averaged 412p within the sale. The call for quality lambs is strong, but commercial types were every bit as good with 330p to 350p common place this week for the first crossed types.

Old season lamb trade has again ridden the crest of a wave since the turn of the year, and meated lowland hoggs still 320p/350p or £160/£180 for heavies, slightly back for the heady days of £190/£200 mid-season, but in reality, an excellent return for the product.

It is now fingers crossed time for some grass growing as the first store lamb sale at Skipton is a little over a month away.

Ted Ogden, CCM Auctions, Skipton
Ted Ogden, CCM Auctions, Skipton