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Trade Talk - Charlie Coleman, Auctioneer/Fieldsman, Symonds & Sampson LLP, Frome Market

21st May 2021

Here at Frome our farmers are certainly reaping the rewards of the liveweight system, which is storming ahead with the current high deadweight prices across the country.


Our barren cow trade has been set alight in recent weeks, with the constantly quick trade attracting new vendors through the gates, with nearly 100 cows a week passing through. In the last month we have seen cows surpass £1600 or 208ppkg for Angus cows, with dairy types sailing to well over £1400. Week on week we have seen market average price records smashed, with last week’s entry of 94 cows averaging an impressive 144ppkg. 


Store cattle have held strong for quite some time, and even when grass and rainfall became very short, the heavens opened just in time to keep trade motoring. Although the headlines have been set with the forward stores reaching unprecedented levels, the young cattle have quite literally been on fire!


The exceptional returns on cattle currently have seen farmers out replenishing their sheds with confidence, which we have not seen in some time. We are definitely seeing store cattle being sold earlier and younger, and who can blame them? Vendors, especially dairy herds, are seeing similar returns on beef cattle from a year ago but are able to sell them up to 8 months earlier, allowing grass to be mowed and fodder to be stored. 


The current high prices need to remain. With rising costs across the farm, the British farmer deserves a premium for their product.  With the support of supermarkets, selling and buying British meat and supporting the livestock markets, wholesale buyers and the public, we can continue to make this happen. 


We need to continue to ‘Buy British’ and ‘Sell Live and Thrive!’

Charlie Coleman, Auctioneer/Fieldsman, Symonds & Sampson LLP, Frome Market
Charlie Coleman, Auctioneer/Fieldsman, Symonds & Sampson LLP, Frome Market