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TRADE TALK - Richard Haigh, Auctioneer, Selby Livestock Auction

10th May 2021

The Prime cattle trade throughout the first part of 2021 has seen cattle trading at levels higher than we had all anticipated, with averages at the time of writing plus 25p for steers, 40p for heifers and 35p for bulls, when compared with the corresponding week in April 2020.


These increases have seen the top prices per head for clean cattle £1700-£1800 and most weeks some heavyweight continental bulls will pass the £2000 mark. Best heifers this week 280-290p/kg averaging 253p, Steers 270-280p averaging 232p and Bulls 260-270p avg 226.


The encouraging aspect of these prices is that they have been sustained now for a good period of time and we are consistently trading at these levels. Numbers are keeping up well and our customers are being rewarded for

selling well finished cattle, and there is the incentive of a firm trade to continue to sell every week.


It is to be hoped that prices will remain where they are and as the country moves further out of lock down, and restaurants and eating places are allowed to re open, such outlets being active again will help at least to maintain the level of demand, if not improve it. The prospect of summer holidays being more confined to the UK may also have a similar influence.


The buoyant trade for both cattle and sheep over recent months again illustrates the important role that livestock auctions play for both store and finished stock, enabling the trade to react quickly to demand and providing an outlet for and an opportunity to source stock to meet all requirements on a daily basis from, the country’s livestock market network.


Richard Haigh


Selby Livestock Auction

Selby Livestock Auction
Selby Livestock Auction