The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

Trade Talk – Chris Voyce, Voyce Pullin Markets Ltd – Cirencester Market

21st April 2021

We hopefully can see light at the end of a very long tunnel. It has been very strange operating with very few people in market, mask wearing and sanitising hands, but aided by one of the dearest trades on both cattle and sheep in history.

Every week at Cirencester Market we auction between 250 – 500 store cattle, mostly bred from dairy cows from within the Severn Vale and Cotswolds. Trade has been remarkable on all types of cattle throughout the country, seeming to increase each week as demand grows. The lifting of more restrictions is expected to see more people eating out and holidaying at home this year, so will hopefully see increased demand for meat.

Gloucestershire and the South West still has its problems with TB. Our “Orange” TB restricted sales of store cattle on a monthly basis have seen an increase in buying support recently, as more of our regular weekly purchasers register with AFUs.

Trade has been just as strong for the restricted cattle and many months cattle have been dearer at the TB Restricted sales. The short-term and stronger medium-term steers trade regularly between £1250 - £1450 (210 – 235p/kg) and the general medium-term dairy bred steers trade between £1050 - £1200 (200 – 220p/kg)

The younger cattle have seen the regular annual consignments of suckled calves and seem extremely dear with many steers (9 – 12 months) trading between £950 - £1150 (220 – 250p/kg) an increase of some £80 - £120 on the previous year, and the heifers probably seeing the greatest lift selling between £800 - £950 (200 – 240p/kg) an increase of £100 - £150.

The livestock market has survived yet another huge challenge. A big thank-you to both vendors and purchasers for their continued support, we look forward to welcoming you back once restrictions are lifted.