The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

LAA Statement on Brexit Trade Deal

29th December 2020

The LAA welcomes the prospect of a Brexit trade deal between the UK and EU. We have lobbied strongly, as chair of the Livestock Chain Advisory Group, to avoid the serious trade disruption that would result in not being adequately prepared in a post-Brexit environment. UK beef and lamb exports in particular, represent a vital part of producer returns, and it is vital to maintain these export markets.

What is clear, we have a product that Europe wants to buy, and we want to sell to Europe. The strong demand from Europe also encourages a competitive trade that also boosts the important home market.

While we are encouraged by the most recent developments, we must not lose sight of the fact that we can expect further disruption and delays at ports in the early part of the New Year regardless of any trade deal, with the added red-tape, bureaucracy and paperwork required for exports.

The LAA will continue to support its members and the red-meat sector beyond the transition period and further into the post-Brexit trading environment.