Government requirement for those attending indoor English livestock markets to wear a face covering

21st August 2020

The LAA has recently recommended that members request their market customers to wear a face covering.

Government announced 10 days ago that the wearing of Face Coverings for people attending “Auction  Houses” and visiting “Retail Outlets” was mandatory in England. 

The LAA has been asking Defra to clarify if Livestock Markets are included in these new rules and Government has confirmed on Thursday 20th August that face coverings MUST be worn by all customers and other visitors attending English indoor livestock markets.

Welsh Government may align with London in due course, but this has not yet been confirmed. 

Members should be reminded that the requirement to wear face covering does NOT replace the requirements for Social Distancing, or the provision of adequate hand sanitising stations. It is imperative that both social distancing and the provision of hand cleansing facilities are still enforced.

The LAA is asking farmers and buyers to respect the need to wear face coverings, and assist market operators to safeguard everyone’s health and welfare.