The Livestock Auctioneers' Association Limited (LAA)

Trade Talk from Ted Ogden, CCM Auctions, Skipton Auction Mart

16th November 2018

Throughout the decades auction markets have proved to be progressive businesses, with many forms of technology driving sales forward. This keeps them relevant, trading all forms of farmstock and related items.

The mix of modern and traditional techniques makes the medium of live selling the most effective way to economically, logistically and efficiently bring willing buyers and sellers together, to market prime store and breeding stock.

So far this year, at our Skipton site, we have conducted 124 separate sale days in what has been a very busy year. Sales of Pedigree stock are rapidly growing under the CCM banner. Recently we hosted our most successful Beef Shorthorn female sale to date, with 116 head forward, along with The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society’s new Autumn female sale of 55 head, and 10 Pedigree South Devons.

With prices rising to 11,000gns for Shorthorns and 3,400gns for Angus, it capped a successful day for all concerned. Regardless of other uncertainties within the industry, it’s heartening to see British farmers striving to improve their livestock, so the best possible meat can be produced for British consumers.

Cattle numbers have been brisk all year, and especially this Autumn, with 17% more store cattle and feeding bulls sold over the last two months. Fortnightly sales have seen entries between 700 and 900 head.

With winter forage stocks tight on hill farms, and rising concentrate prices, it looks as though some producers in the area have taken the opportunity to sell cattle sooner and house less. Whether this signals tighter feeding cattle supplies in the New Year will have to be seen.

Fortnightly sales of 5000 to 8000 Store lambs are in full swing, and feeders are keen for sheep, but availability of grass keep seems tight as dairy farmers look to keep grassland in hand.