Trade Talk by Alastair Brown

9th February 2018

Auctions around the country have recorded a good January with increased throughput and trade in all sectors.

Our first in-lamb sheep sale saw a vast crowd of buyers eagerly bidding Lamb sheep sale which saw a vast crowd of bidders and buyers eagerly bidding on all types forward with older full -mouth ewes selling from £80 to £98 and Mule Theaves to £159.

TB regulations are still hamper the livestock market system by restricting movement and are having a costly effect on the income of farms, which seems to be moving more farmers to keep sheep rather than cattle.

The old season lamb price has firmed due to a number of factors-mainly supply and demand.

Weather has left finished producers unable to move sheep to abattoirs and markets and slowed down lamb finishing times. However, cattle prices haven’t been affected as much, as there has been a steady supply throughout the past few months.

At Thrapston, store cattle numbers started to increase early in January to just short of 200 head a week. Trade has been good, but buyers seem cautious. Numbers were good last year, and they still have sheds full of cattle to finish, which will soon change.  

Our sheep section grows by the week with increased old season lambs and cull ewes on a Thursday.  Saturday entries of store lambs have increased mainly due to the excellent prices and the confidence the buyers have in future hogget prices.