Trade Talk by Rob Meadmore

28th April 2017

As I write, Spring is in the air, with grass growing and the ground warming nicely. Let’s hope that by the time this article is in print that there is not a foot of snow on the fields!

Agriculture and its allied industries have faced challenges of all descriptions for many many years and it looks like the immediate future will contain some of the biggest with the uncertainty of Brexit. As in the past, farmers have had to be a resilient bunch and I am sure whatever the industry is faced with, it will adapt and survive.

My involvement with auctioneering takes me into Mid-Wales with Brightwells at Rhayader, Builth Wells and Hay on Wye Markets and more recently at Hereford which offers a wide range of livestock every Wednesday.

Primestock business has been under pressure since the turn of the year but the last weeks has seen an increase of some £5 to £10 ahead. Unfortunately, the lateness of the season has led to a large amount of heavy tegs in the system.

Cull stock continues its upward spiral and is a section whose purchasers are a very independent bunch. In all my markets, competition is king and the cull department enjoys this in spades. This point should be well remembered when producers are making choices about prime stock sales.

Store cattle are enjoying a terrific demand at the moment with turnout round the corner and agreeable finished prices.

A point I may have mentioned before is the lack of opportunities for young entrants into agriculture. Whilst I understand the reasons behind this, I cannot believe that between Government, landowners and the unions that some provision could be made.

With food now traded on a global scale, the role of farmers in this country is being taken for granted. Let us hope that the security, provenance and quality of home grown produce is appreciated more in the future.

Good luck and keep on farming!