Trade Talk by Jonny Dymond

20th February 2017

2017 has started brightly with trade buoyant through all sections at Beeston, we are, like many of our clients, very glad to see the back of a very tough 2016!

Our Dairy Sales are going from strength to strength as the Large Dairies finally start to give a respectable price for milk. January’s Dispersal of the Renowned “Galastar” herd drew interest from commercial and pedigree breeders alike with trade peaking at 4600gns for Maiden heifers while Milkers achieved up to 3800gns and averaged 1876gns. A massive difference to 12 months ago.

Our Friday Markets for Calves, Barren Cows and Store Cattle remain busy with numbers regularly exceeding 800 head with thriving monthly weanling sales taking to total to over 1000 on a regular basis. Cull Cows have been keenly sought topping last week at 185ppkg with averages over 100ppkg for an entry dominated by worked Holstein cows,

One of our major recent successes is our Monthly Weanling Sales drawing an average entry over 230 and just last week an entry 278. These along with Store Cattle have found to totally new gear after a subdued back end buyers are keen to secure cattle before the grass comes and they could become even dearer!

A major challenge going forward in Cheshire is TB, being on the fringes of the disease some of our client’s, buyers and sellers are affected while many others feel they are sitting on a time bomb. As always though farmers are a resilient bunch and together we have found ways to keeping trading and minimise the finance impact.

Sell live and thrive, there is no better philosophy. The Livestock Markets transparent trading platform is a massive asset to the UK livestock Industry. Imagine how quickly the milk prices would have come if the Dairies were having to compete in a transparent market place?

Jonny Dymond BSc (Hons) FLAA
Wright Marshall Ltd