Trade Talk by Alastair Brown

6th January 2017

Another year has passed and now it's time to get on with the next one, we have to look forward to what challenges this one will bring us. At Bletsoes we are busy with many new sales this year holding more special collective sales to service the farming community. Early collective auctions include In-lamb Ewes, Ewe & Lamb, and Store lamb sales along with Store Cattle Sales and Collective Tractor and Machinery Auctions at both centres in Northamptonshire and Warwickshire which are situated centrally in the UK with easy road access for both buyers and sellers.

Basic payments have been made to most farmers around the country, which has eased the pressure on their businesses, and as usual kick started the New Year trading for Store Cattle, Store lambs and machinery sales for the forthcoming year, along with settling a few bills.

The finished cattle prices have kept steady for many months now which is good news when store buyers look forward for future sales, consequently giving them confidence to buy store cattle, likewise in the lamb sales store lambs are still selling well even for the smaller longer term types that are still on offer.

Historically these first few weeks of the year are the hardest trading for many, as many producers watch the trade before they sell, and while processors find it difficult selling to their customers with consumers having gorged over Christmas and are now tightening their belts or on diets! But hopefully things will change for the better, with the forecast of cold weather consumers often turn to red meat as a comfort food so prices may take a slight lift or certainly stay firm.

Good luck for 2017, will Brexit make a difference? We will have to wait and see. Producers make sure that you market your goods to their best ability, don’t forget your local auctioneer is only a phone call away, assisting you to gain the best prices for your stock.