Trade Talk by Ian Smith

17th November 2016

Autumn is passing us by and winter is fast approaching. The autumn sales have been a busy time with both cattle & sheep exchanging owners readily.

Last Friday was our Store Cattle sale, with a straight 400 head penned, alongside the store cattle were 120 calves. The calf entry saw the Annual Show which attracted more calves and also more potential buyers stood at the ringside. Trade was very fast as usual, topping at £480.00 for cont x bulls and good rearing black & white’s topping at £225.00 per head, but with plenty of others over the £200.00 barrier.

The calf trade never ceases to amaze me, anything nice to rear gets a very good following with plenty of rearer’s looking to fill pens.

The collection of buyers we have attending have different outlets, as some sell reared calves on as stores and others feed through to beef, along with the odd suckler cow replacement buyers - these are customers looking for every breed and grade.

Over in the big ring, stores filled every pen as producers cashed in before the winter weather catches up on them. With harvest finished, plenty of feeding men stood around the ring looking for animals to fill the sheds and feed corn to.

Best cattle sold very well topping at £1365.00 for 2 year old Charolias x steers. Plenty of Black & White steers forward with old style Friesians making up to £935.00. Holstein Friesians selling well and a good market has been established for these, which only a few years ago calves were given away as they were not worth rearing. The store cattle trade has been buoyant for most of the year and has only just slipped within the last couple of weeks due to the fall in prime deadweight prices and the ‘seasonal time of year’ fall.

With Brexit issues going on, and exchange rates fluctuating it will be very interesting over the next few weeks and months to see how trade for livestock will hold up. 

As ever no one ever can tell and as the old saying goes ‘who lives longest sees the most’.