Trade Talk by Richard Haigh

24th September 2016

With most of the combining done in our area drilling next year's crops is next on the agenda for many of our customers at Selby. This usually puts cattle numbers under pressure so it will be interesting to see what numbers are forward over the coming weeks.

Recent trade has been more encouraging with cattle prices on a Wednesday similar to last year where earlier summer trading saw price lagging behind. Last week saw best medium weight heifers to 271.5p/kg or a top per head of £1487, heavy bulls to £1672 for 814kg Limx. Heifers averaged 223p/kg, steers 214p, heavy bulls 191.

Lamb and pig prices are well ahead of last year at this time with lamb prices roughly 20p/kg dearer and pig prices 10-12p dearer. Although lambs have dipped over the past week or two, best well finished lambs last week sold to 226p/kg for 39kg Beltex cross or £103 for 53kg Texel cross. 385 pigs saw best bacon weight (86-104kg) gilt pigs to 129p/kg and sows averaging 58p/kg.

Trade in all sectors appears to be benefiting from a post Brexit weaker pound which will be making imports a more expensive option than they have been and will be helping exports.

Looking forward it is hoped that these price levels can hold as our customers re-invest in stores this backend. All classes of store cattle continue to sell well which is again important to ensure that suckled calf and store cattle producers are achieving a decent return for their labours.

Richard Haigh
Selby Auction Mart