Trade Talk by Tom Wrench

16th September 2016

We are now in full swing of our Autumn fixtures with Breeding sheep sales being most prominent at the moment. The growth of the market in the fat lamb and Cull ewe aisles has seen us expand our mailing list and catchment areas in the last two years. It has been pleasing to see these customers retain with us and either show breeders with us or indeed call upon us for replacements.

The breeding sheep sales we have held so far have proven to establish improved trades that are up on the year but act to provide replacements that are financially sustainable with most buyers working on a strong residual value for Ewes and an annual depreciation of £10-£15 per year over 5 years depending on breed. This has left averages for North Country Mule Theaves across our two sales of £133 and Suffolks x and Continental Theaves £134.

Despite an apparent scarcity of cash flow within the industry producers seemingly buoyed by the continued strength in the Fat lamb trade. Whilst trade dropped to 181p/kg on Monday this still returned kill sheets from out yarding leaving the lambs on the hook at 406p/kg.

We have been very privileged this year to add two new sales fixtures to our Calender this year seeing a standalone Suffolk x Ewe lamb sale sponsored by The Suffolk Society which saw Ewe lambs to £114 and a good demand for Tupping lambs although running lambs proved harder to shift. This seemingly a consequence of the decreased demand for dry Theaves over those that know the job.

Most successful though of our new additions has been the North Country Mule Theave Show and Sale sponsored by NEMSA, which saw a record yarding for the August fixture and record price of £192 for the winning pen of Theaves from Henry Tustian. We now look forward to our Friday flagship Store cattle sales in which we hope to yard 900+ weekly.

Tom Wrench
Rugby Farmers Mart