Trade Talk by Bernie Hutchinson

19th August 2016

A real harvest day and the hum of combines around the area did not detract from an almost record entry of stock at Market Drayton Market for the month of August. With buyers and sellers from twelve different counties all converging at Market Drayton.

The laws of demand and supply seem to be dramatically fuelling the livestock trade at present with supply tight nationally for cattle and a week pound reducing imports and aiding lamb sales and it all looks as positive as the GB medal board in Rio!

The fat cattle trade was as hot as the weather with an excellent attendance of wholesalers, butchers and further finishes all competing strongly for all weights, grades and ages of cattle. Clean cattle and young bulls saw 210 cattle penned and selling to 255p for heifers and top call of £1,464.12 in the lump. Young bulls to 240p and top realisation of £1,983.52 and steers to 236p to generate £1,425.44.

Prime lamb market is experiencing a rejuvenated trade for a summer period with 1,501 lambs forward returning an SQQ of 180p kilo, up nearly 50p kilo on this time last year. Mark's top calls reverberated around the market to 214p for some standard lambs and in the lump a top price of £101.88 was achieved.

Ben was extremely busy in the calf and weanling ring with 588 passing through during the course of the day. Talk of the trade was Continental bull calves selling to £422 for British Blue Crosses and the heifer section saw Limousin Crosses to £375. Weanlings raced away to £640 for Angus steers, a group of Simmental heifers sold to £555 and Black and White bulls to £420.

Few less store cattle being a weanling week and £2 plus a kilo was a regular occurrence for the 110 forward. Yarding cattle good to sell topping at £1,150 for some Blue Cross steers. Native types saw young Hereford heifers to £960.

Finally record breaking dairy cattle entry with 100 animals passing through the sale ring and once again consistently sold. Stuart's top call twice of £1,700 for heifers and cows selling to a packed ring of potential dairy buyers.

Reports Bernie Hutchinson, Senior Partner & Prime Cattle auctioneers of Barbers Auctioneers of Barbers Auctions LLP, Market Drayton Market.