Trade talk from James Morrish, Kivells

4th January 2016

We are delighted to see a fantastic end to the year at all 4 of our Livestock Markets throughout Devon & Cornwall which will total over 30,000 lots sold in December.

Just last week our Dairy Cattle team sold a total of 500 Dairy stock with tremendous success. Overall top call was £2,050 given for the best of a wonderful line up of Dairy Youngstock from Pedigree breeder Robert Long of Warwickshire who made the 410 mile round trip to Holsworthy Market in North Devon.

Beef Cattle numbers continue to hold strong which included big numbers of 'Show' cattle pushing the best to £2,164 (310 p/kg) for a superb Limousine heifer exhibited by Jess Maynard of Bradnick near Exeter. In the commercial pens buyers remain keen to buy quality with 'named sires' and 'low lifetime movements' cattle selling to a premium.

In 2015 Kivells have conducted 26 Machinery sales attracting buyers from all parts of the UK and beyond. In particular 2nd hand Tractors continue to be in big demand with many Tractor Dealerships happy to sell their 'Trade in' Machinery with us at our auctions throughout the year. Last Saturday was a great example of this with just shy of 1,500 lots going under the hammer a huge crowd of buyers sold 10-12 deep when the line-up of 10 Tractors went under the hammer pushing the best to £9,600 for the 'V reg' Case tractor in from Norman Pike & Family of North Cornwall who have made the decision to retire from farming after a lifetime in the industry. Although sad, it is a great honour to conduct a genuine dispersal sale on behalf of a client because when you think about it, you, as the Auctioneer have been chosen to sell one mans (or woman's) evidence of a lifetime of work.

Yesterday was the 1st of our 4 annual show & sales of Oven Ready Dressed Poultry with a massive day on the agenda at Holsworthy tomorrow which will include over 1,200 Turkeys, Geese, Pheasants, Ham & Beef joints as well as our annual sale on behalf of R.A.B.I. I do hope the Charity sale goes well as I am very aware of the tremendous work that is done by the various farming Charities throughout the year. My personal best wishes go to those fellow farmers and business's in Cumbria & North Lancashire who have had a big challenge looking after their stock during the recent floods.

Finally, on behalf of Kivells, may I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy, Peaceful & Successful 2016...with good prices for all your stock!