About Livestock Auctioneers' Association

The Livestock Auctioneers' Association aims to:

  • To take all possible steps to develop the system of selling livestock through auction markets, and to enhance the throughput and turnover of markets.
  • To encourage all markets to be efficient in the conduct of their business. To operate the highest standards of animal welfare.
  • To ensure the specialist representation of livestock auctioneers in negotiations and discussions with government, public authorities, national and international representatives and trade organisations.
  • To further the interests of and to raise the profile of auction markets as a method of sale of livestock.
  • To keep Member firms fully acquainted with legislative and trade developments which are likely to affect the environment in which livestock auction markets operate.
  • To encourage all livestock auctioneers to adhere to the approved Codes of Practice of the Association and to observe all recommendations of the Council of the Association.